Doctoral Track

SEB-16 offers PhD students a further opportunity to enhance their scientific work included in the student registration fee:-

- A dedicated Doctoral Track will be provided in the form of poster session. In that session, PhD students can prepare a poster to further describe their thesis and research topics, in addition to the paper they present (if any) in SEB-16 general track sessions. That gives the PhD students a further chance of networking with other PhDs and professors, highlighting opportunities of collaboration. The poster session will be held in a dedicated room and during the coffee break there will be the possibility of a contact with possible stakeholders.

- A visit to the start-up incubator I3P of Politecnico di Torino will be organised in the afternoon of Tuesday 13th September. I3P ranks 5th in Europe and 15th in the world ranking UBI (University Business Incubator). During the visit, a presentation of the main I3P start-ups concerning SEB2016 topics will be provided to the PhD students. In that way, PhD students can be aware of the opportunities of being involved in innovative start-up entrepreneurship experiences and investigate possible collaborations with the existing start-ups.

To participate in the doctoral track please contact

Instructions on the preparation of the poster are available .. here ..

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